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Alexis Colard was born in Belfort France, close to Germany and Switzerland. As an imaginative kid from a small town, he was always wondering around, creating art projects from whatever inspiration he could find. From the German bunkers taken over by nature, to the ride trips on motorcycles in the hills, or spending hours whatching English-speaking movies and TV shows on the computer, playing with 3dsmax since he was 13 years old.

Ecology, technology and architecture were always key elements in his life.

After graduating high school with 8 hours of theory and practical art a week for 3 years, he had a very enlightening work experience during the summer 03 in Cannes during the film festival, he learned how to wait tables efficiently, be a part of a team, respect those prestigious institutions that are the hotels on the croisette, and learned how to manage his life and expectations successfully.

After studying various art related fields (graphic design, interior design, live drawing, realistic drawing, animation) at Ecole Bellecour in Lyon, France, for a year, he specialized in interior design.

That field offered him the possibility to continue painting, (4 paintings sold to Goldsmith mannequin showroom) to continue creating furniture, and continue his ascension. Then a rewarded 3 months summer internship at Pompei.A.D made him fall in love with New York, and he secured a position at Icrave design. As a project manager to build a resort in Bahia Brazil, he enjoyed the process of learning the fundamentals of the Hospitality business.